The best romantic restaurants in paradise

Date night in Hawaii

Dating can be tough in Hawaii. Sometimes it feels like you already know everyone (not counting the people you aren’t distantly related to – the second cousin of your first aunt, and so forth). And new people are more likely to be tourists or short-term residents, here today, gone tomorrow.

But hey, while you’re together, have fun! Here are our suggestions for the three most romantic restaurants in Hawaii.

Sarento’s Top of the Ilikai (Waikiki)

This fancy romantic Italian restaurant offers an amazing view along with their outstanding food. Book a table for Friday night and watch the Hilton Lagoon fireworks from your table!

Orchids (Waikiki)

This beautiful restaurant has an incredible view of the beach, and specializes in Hawaiian food. It’s not the cheapest restaurant in Hawaii to be sure, but if you want to impress your date and share some local dishes, Orchids is the place to go.

Tidepools at Grand Hyatt (Kauai)

The Grand Hyatt is the biggest hotel on Kauai, and their Tidepools restaurant has ambience and delicious food to match. With a focus on fresh local seafood, Tidepools is amazing. Word to the wise, though: avoid sitting next to the waterfall. It’s a little too loud for conversation.

Image courtesy Flickr/Scott Hudson